May 6, 2024

Invisible No More

Recently, my wife and I attended a wonderfully planned memorial service for the young adult son of some friends. While I didn't know the young man, the sadness his parents felt when he passed away last year affected us all deeply. 

During the memorial, fittingly held under a tent on a rainy, gray day, dozens of friends, family members, classmates, co-workers, and neighbors took a few minutes each to relate memories about him. Each spoke from a different perspective--a side, if you will--and added their own personal thoughts about this person I had never met. 


 And yet, as each individual stood to speak, it was as if each one was tossing a cloud of bright dust on this individual's memory, like occurs during a color run.  As the service continued, a bright, full-color image of this young man began to emerge. It was beautiful.

And as the event ended, I remarked that I felt as if I now saw the "image" of this wonderful person simply from the love and affection that had been heaped on his memory from all sides by those who knew him. 

I left wishing we had known him and I resolved to never waste an opportunity to meet someone new.


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